Feb 4, 2008

Bobby Wino here...

My name, oddly enough, is not Bobby Wino! But I do love wine and I do live in Paso Robles. But in case you're doubting my legitimacy here are some true facts about me:

-I am a fairly recent college graduate
-I have no credentials whatsoever that might make me a reasonable authority on wine or anything wine related
-My income is practically non-existent, which makes purchasing wine, high-quality or otherwise, a challenge (but don't you worry, I'm up for it!)
-And while I'm being honest I should probably fess up about my profile picture. This drawing, sadly, is not a total Bobby Wino original. I have Rene Magritte and Google image search to thank for my creation. But I can take credit for my mastery of both tracing paper and Sharpie markers. (The original painting is called Son of Man)

So what can you expect from PasoDirt?
1) Definitely some incredibly superficial tasting room critiques.
2) Occasionally an amazingly short-sighted analysis of a local wine.
3) But most important I think...you can always count on an honest assessment from someone who's trying to learn more (and by "learn more" I mean "drink more". There's nothing remotely academic going on here!)

Come to think of it, I'm representative of an alarming portion of those who come to Paso Robles to taste wine: uneducated but willing to stretch my basic knowledge of wine vocabulary to make myself sound cultured! So whether anyone chooses to join me here on Paso Dirt or I go it alone, you can count on my love for the vino...

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